Monday, March 18, 2019
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You're doing it wrong

People Are Jerks, Wally [pic]

There is also a cost for ignorance. $50 in this case.via:

“Had To Run Some CAT5…” – Nailed It. [pic]

Nothing more to

Can You Put A Frame Around That Hole? [pic]

Technically, the construction workers did what they were asked to do...via

How Not To Use Google [pic]

I found this open VM on a server.

Great example of a Ninja Server.

What server? Oh, you mean the one hiding in the ceiling? Na, ever seen it. Maybe it's a hipster server...hard to say.via:

STOP Writing On The Screen [pic]

I get enraged when I see ink on a screen.via:

I Can Tell You Why He’s Not Texting [pic]

You're using the wrong type of phone...via: