Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Just sleep it off

From our friends at Clients from Hell:Client: My home laptop is running really slowly and I think it may have a virus.  Will it affect my desktop computer at home too?Me: Yes, you should take the laptop offline and shut it down before it...

STOP Writing On The Screen [pic]

I get enraged when I see ink on a screen.via:

Who does this?

Why wouldn't you call it like "cars" or "tanks"via:

Time To Pay For Your Mistakes [pic]

Better buy some bitcoins! 

The worst type of user

My hard drive is really full so I tried to install windows 7 to get the files I really need by trying format the drive repeatedly.via:

Double your fun!

Sure, go ahead and install that second firewall and antivirus.via:

Maintenance skills = none

"It's running really slow"Five minutes in and I can tell I'll be earning every single dollar tonight.

Rotten Apple


A hard nut to crack

(I’m working at my local electronics store as a technician. A customer in her mid-30s walks up with a laptop.)Customer: “There’s something wrong with my laptop screen. It’s all screwed up!”Me: “Screwed up like how? Can you please be more specific, ma’am?”Customer: “I don’t...