Friday, February 28, 2020
Acronis True Image 2020

I’m here to install your drop box.

I could see this happening at our office. I work in an I.T. department that shares a helpdesk engine with several other departments and among...

Can You Fix My iPad?


People love to troll Internet Explorer

Yep, another Internet Explorer joke. Can't.Get.Enough.via:

Spaced Out

"My computer said it out of memory. Can you take a look at it?"Oh customers, empty your recycle bin once in a while. Oh,...

Slow Cox

I hate it when my Cox is slow too. Oh, by the way the Starter Package is only 1mbps service. You'll have to pay...

Time To Pay For Your Mistakes [pic]

Better buy some bitcoins! 

One button, two button, left button, right button

Clearly she's never used a PC prior to purchasing this mouse. Buttons on a mouse tend to like decidedly like buttons... So today I had a woman...

Mildly Infuriating Cisco Web Security UI [pic]

Hey, it says 'inactive,' and it's not checked, let me just check that box to make that user...WTH?!20I just wanted to call out Cisco...

It’s that new PowerPoint Virus.

I just got a frantic tech support call from the bosses wife. She said she opened an email attachment and now she can't close...

“Had To Run Some CAT5…” – Nailed It. [pic]

Nothing more to