Saturday, September 21, 2019

Spaced Out

"My computer said it out of memory. Can you take a look at it?"Oh customers, empty your recycle bin once in a while. Oh, and stop making copies of copies of copies of your photos. Not even joking.

My Computer Is Not Working [pic]

A restart once every 15 days or so really can make a difference.Incidentally, it worked after she rebooted. Huh, weird. 

How Not To Use Google [pic]

I found this open VM on a server.

Time To Pay For Your Mistakes [pic]

Better buy some bitcoins! 

Mozilla Has A Bug And Needs To Fix This Guy’s Site – STAT [pic] hope this guy can get his issues resolved - maybe one of our readers can consult with him.In the meantime, thanks for the laugh this morning buddy!via 

I’m here to install your drop box.

I could see this happening at our office. I work in an I.T. department that shares a helpdesk engine with several other departments and among them is our facilities maintenance that was accidentally chosen when a request came in to install Dropbox. Apparently the ticket...

Surprisingly Common Question [pic]

PC or Mac it's more common than it should be.via: