Sunday, May 28, 2023
Creative Commons Lon R. Fong

It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Tumor: ArnoldC, The Programming Language [some NSFW language]

  Finally, a programming language I can get into!  Someone (or a group of someones) has decided to develop a language derived from campy Arnold...

FailDesk – Nominated For SysAdmin Blog Award [info]

FailDesk has been shortlisted for a SysAdmin Blog Award - Most Humorous Blog You read that correctly! We were chosen as a finalist for the...

Sysadmin Day Cake

I know this is a few days late, but couldn't help post this awesome creation.  Obviously an obsolete cake, what with the 6xPCI +...

Pro Tip: How To Use Books [pic]


IE 10 Sucks Less and Microsoft wants you admit it

Microsoft is taking aim at all of us IE "haters" with a new ad, touting that they are making progress at sucking less. Follow the...

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps [fun diversion]

Happy April 1st, everyone!  For a fun diversion today, Google developers have added Pac-Man fun to their Maps platform! For the most part, any area...

Wayback Wednesday: Own a piece of history – Matthew Broderick’s Wargames IMSAI 8080 up...

If you are in your late 30's or above, you may remember going to the theater to to watch the dubious story of Matthew...

Epic Traceroute: Star Wars Crawl [EPIC]

This was working over the weekend, but I suspect the viral reach of this awesome spectacle got around and I can't replicate it this...

Tech Win: Architectural sculptures made of old computer parts

This is truly awesome.  I've always thought there was a cool architectural style to heatsinks and capacitors in our everyday computers...this artist, Franco Recchia,...