Monday, January 21, 2019

Doin’ IT right.

This is what we are all about, amiright? -Rob---Head out to client for an urgent server rebuild. Their Exchange server has been having intermittent BSODs with random errors that we've been diagnosing for a month to no good effect. We've already prepped the client...

Epic Traceroute: Star Wars Crawl [EPIC]

This was working over the weekend, but I suspect the viral reach of this awesome spectacle got around and I can't replicate it this morning...but, if you performed a traceroute (kick up the maximum hops and TTL), you can get the entire Star Wars...

Has Anyone Tried This?

Did this really work?via: 

WANT: Circuit board coffee table [Tech Win]

 An oldie, but I had to put this here... On a related note, anyone else have awesome geek/tech furniture to share?  Did you make a project like this?  Post in the comment below!via:

Words of holiday wisdom

"Just got handed a Compaq Presario laptop, it is older than the dust in my basement. It has a fried backlight, useless CDROM, and dead battery. "Can you clean this up so I can give it to someone who doesn't have a computer?"I offered...

Good Guy Firefighter

I LOVE this story - Rob--I'm a career firefighter who was a computer science major in a previous life, so I often get tapped to handle my departments IT issues. Sometimes, that duty spills over to actual emergencies.We responded to a house fire and...

IE 10 Sucks Less and Microsoft wants you admit it

Microsoft is taking aim at all of us IE "haters" with a new ad, touting that they are making progress at sucking less.Follow the adventure of an Internet troll as he is slowly convinced that maybe IE isn't that bad after all.How can you...

Tech WIN: LG LPS Monitors scare the #$@% out of people