Thursday, July 2, 2020
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What did he say?

Wait, maybe the periods in his sentences are invisible like the disappeared hard drive! via: 

What Did You Do To This Printer [story]

I work for a large restaurant company and I provide tech support the stores and for the corporate offices; this story involves a store.I...

Can’t get there from here

A few years ago I was working at a local tech shop and a woman came through and bought a wireless router.  A few...

Real Steal

This guys is practically giving this machine away, which ironically he should do. It does have 512MB RAM and can play just about any...

12 years of education and not one keyboard?

My first IT job was on the help desk of a hospital back in 2001.  A hospital is a 24-hour operation (pun... sort of...

World of Diablocraft?

Sometimes I like to glance at craigslist and see what computer parts are for sale. It never fails you find a couple gems like...

Some things work best when there’s power

User: My PC is running slowMe: We're running a full anti-virus scan.User: Can't you make it run when i'm not at my desk?Me: This...

No boot…

Stuff like this makes you wonder why people even attempt to change out their hardware themselves.via: