Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Still not working

You can only find gems like this on peer help forums. I hope someone explained that when you turn it off it will still have a black screen.via:

You cannot [Esc]

I support about a dozen and a half retail stores. Our busiest location called on day to inform me that the main computer in their office won't boot, and is making a high pitched...

Finding files: one part detective work, one part archeology, two parts facepalm

I had a user ask me to assist her in finding a document that she wrote several months prior. She said that she could not find it and needed a copy in order to...
file drawers

From the Drawers of the FailDesk : December 23rd Edition

If it has a hard drive, it should have it's oil changed, right?At one of my previous jobs, Fridays were usually pretty easy days. If someone had a problem with their home pc, they...

From Spiceworks: Zombies + Bacon + IT Pros = a good time

This is a quasi-marketing video made by my friends over at Spiceworks (the IT management software & community I use daily for my real job) for Spiceworld 2011. It's somewhat geared toward their...

Epic Computer Monitor Delivery Fail [Video]


I don’t mean to be nitpicky – wait, yes I do.

We were in the beginning phases of implementing a new version of our EMR system, which required substantial network upgrades to accommodate high-availability (i.e. if one server went down, traffic re-routed to another in...

Power switch issues

Years ago when I still worked support, I was working for a large insurance company that was helping its agents computerize their field offices.  We would receive the computers in house, color code everything...

Go Phish

I work on a University Help Desk and you'd think our users would be at least slightly smart.. Below is an email I sent out to all users following a phishing scam and afterwards...

Frozen Blackberry…we’ve all had this problem

Watch the following training video to help you troubleshoot your user's Blackberry.  Not like we'll have to for much longer...![youtube]