Friday, January 18, 2019
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Have A Bug In Your System? [video]

Well There's Your Problem //

Cha-Cha-Changes! [info]

Hello FailDesk community!We want to point out a couple changes going on here at FailDesk. We've removed all served ads from the site. No one likes third party ad networks - including us - so...

LAN Party Legend – A New Perspective [pic]

This picture has been floating around the internet for years. Someone has recently uploaded another picture from a different vantage point.This shows real commitment to gaming - not even coming down to eat.

Facebook & Wish Make Interesting Advertisements [pic]

Guess I need new meth pipes? Is two bucks even a good price?

Cable Management Is An Art Form [pic]

Unfortunately a lot of us are left with crap like this.

Hardware Hide And Seek! [pic]

Always a fun office game.

User Submission: Snakes On A Keyboard [pic]

Matthew Carver said:"My Uncle found this guy on his keyboard this morning. He lives on a farm in Kansas and we just had torrential rains. Snakes often come up from the creek near the...

Windows 2000 – Bit Of A Flashback [pic]

Out to lunch and this is the pen we were given to sign the check! Someone cleared out the junk drawer for sure.