I probably shouldn’t tell her about “SQL injection…”

I work in IT.  A part of my job is to configure and ship laptops to our remote agencies.

I got a call from an officer manager in the next state saying that she had received a laptop, but couldn’t get into it due to an encryption screen asking for a password that she did not have.

We’re supposed to setup the local user on the laptop, THEN install the encryption software.  That way the software will use the person’s local user account to build the encryption algorithm.  The only option then was to give out the administrative password to the encryption software, which we obviously hate doing, but had little choice.  I emailed the manager asking that she call me because we “had to resort to plan B.”

Fast-forward to the end of the week and my boss calls me into his office.  He has HR on the phone.  The manager had submitted a complaint about me because she is Catholic and my use of the phrase “plan B” was “insensitive” to her and her beliefs about contraception.

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  1. wow people really have nothing better to do….so since he helped her and got her computer working instead of being great full she goes to hr i guess she missed the part in the bible that talks about compassion and forgiveness and only reads the part that needs to do with law suites and making fast cash 

  2. Tell her to stay far, far away from the military… She’d probably find some way to sue everyone for their ‘religiously offensive terminology’.

    I wonder, did her IQ developement ever make it past 60?

  3. I know… Let’s create a product that can be offensive to most (or at least to us) and call it “Work”. Then when the boss tells us to get to work, we can go to HR. We should also create an offensive product called “Fired” just in case.

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