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Do you have some IT humor you’d like to share? Send us your funny IT disasters, stupid mistakes, crazy antics, and general IT fails.

Submissions are reviewed before being published so lets not make this the next Chat Roulette; shirt and pants are required. Please allow at least 24 hours for submissions to be reviewed and published.  Depending on the amount of submissions, the turnaround may be longer.

Please note that we may edit the content for spelling/grammar and flow (because Rob loves doing that), so your final submission may not look exactly like what you submitted.  We will try to keep the spirit of the story intact.  Don’t worry. 🙂

If you want to be credited with your name, whatever, place it at the bottom of the submission content.

Note about pictures: While you can directly link a picture via URL here, you can’t upload a pic.  We suggest using a free service like Imgur or Imageshack, then linking back to here.

Drop us a line at feedback2@faildesk.net with your submission!


  1. Russ Grover
    8 mins
    is having issues with Wake On LAN, on a new system, I tell him to call
    Dell, the Dell support doesn’t know what WOL is and puts him on hold
    three times, to find someone who does! Finally they have to push to PRO
    account because non of the lower support people have never heard of WOL!
    Boy we are getting old!

  2. “For this one client I had to send the drives by brinks truck to a facility in Quebec to shred the drives document it and ship back the destroyed drives and a copy of the approved documentation.” Of course I could have ran Boot and Nuke + Eraser at 35 passes then destroyed the disks taking pictures as I go 😉 “

  3. Karl W. Palachuk

    1 hr ·

    There are some strange people in this business.

    One of our clients was purchased several years ago. The new owner
    already had their own I.T. people. So they took over everything,
    including domain name registration. Then they deleted all the email
    accounts for the company they bought.

    Now the domain name needs
    to be renewed and all the emails on that account do not exist. They want
    me to help (for free) and will not communicate by real email. Instead I
    get email from a fake profile on LinkedIn. It’s like they’re hiding something.

    At some point, someone is going to give me a legitimate credit card
    with a legitimate name and address. Until then all I can say is that “it
    sucks to be you” for hiring incompetent people to manage your tech

    Oh, and “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

    Oh, and I’ve been wondering when I’d implement the next price increase. Now I’ve decided it’s 4 O’Clock today.


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