Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The FailDesk is a humor site dedicated to all the IT professionals out there who work so tirelessly and diligently to make sure “the system stays up.” Sometimes the constant hours and little-to-no gratification can get someone down. Let FailDesk be the place to cheer you up! This project was conceptualized by two IT guys and the editor over at Geeks Are Sexy (also an IT guy in his former life) in early 2011 and launched late 2011. We had some IT projects to finish. C’mon.

The mission of FailDesk is to provide a central location for you to find IT-related humor while at the same time giving you a place to submit your own funny stories, pictures or videos. If you are here because you don’t think something is funny…well, humor is a finicky thing; what is funny to us may not be funny to you. We apologize in advance for supplying you with free unfunny information.

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