Triumph of the Nerds

Is the graphic taken out of context? I’ve not seen the movie but I think it might have to check it out.

via: [imgur]


  1. Stealing is wrong, yet if you watch Pirates of Silicon Valley, they encourage it saying good artists create, great artists steal.

      • Actually, there’s no reason it can’t be a documentary AND a movie…Michael Moore’s documentaries are also MOVIES that you can see in a theater with popcorn and everything…nor does the fact that this documentary was televised mean it can’t be called a movie, hence the terms “television movie”, “movie for television”, “made-for-TV movie”, etc. Documentary refers to the genre, not the medium…Action MOVIE, Romance MOVIE, Documentary MOVIE. There’s even an Academy Award every year for Best Documentary movie. Nothing wrong with calling it a movie just because it’s also a documentary. And there you have it: The TRIUMPH of a Nerd.