Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tech Support: 1800’s style

This one's a tall image, scroll to the bottom for the transcript:Transcript via"Dear South Asian Techinical Support Corporation. / I have recently purchased one of your Analytical Engines and my cycle apparatus is consistently off by unity. / Please advise. / Sincerely, /...

Kinda thinking we have no room to talk, but… [comic]


The Server Is Down [comic]

Everyone needs a little praise now and again. You can buy a print of this at the Prolific Pen Etsy Page!

Watch Out, We’ve Got A Sysadmin Here [comic]

via: (thanks to Nic at SpiceWorld!)

Repetitive elevator button pressing syndrome (REBPS) is transferrable to computers! [comic]

 Hey maybe I can make REBPS a thing!?  I know a lot of people who have it, that's for sure. via:

Getting IT’s Input [comic]

As a former IT project manager...I was always the last to get notice of anything.