Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Apple stores really should have drive-thrus [news]

On January 13th, an elderly person drove their Lincoln Town Car right into the Lincoln Park, Chicago Apple store.  No "geniuses" were hurt in...

Facebook update: “JUST GOT PULLED OVER LOLZ”

As reported by Fox news via Der Spiegel, a driver in Germany was pulled over for speeding and the police discovered the guy may...

Tech Win: Vandals break into congressman’s office; install Linux

The Register reports that vandals broke into New York congressman Michael Grimm's campaign office and installed Linux on the server and workstations.  When asked...

iSue 2: Apple’s lawyers gunning for Polish grocery chain

Apple, who seems to be suing everyone they can, has focused on a grocery store in Poland, claiming copyright and/or trademark infringement.  I kind...

One part awesome, one part “Oh crap”: DARPA funded power-strip can hack your network

Well, keep on the lookout for this gizmo...called the "PowerPwn" - fitting, right? From ZDNet: The Power Pwn may look like an ordinary power strip, maybe...