Brown Friday: Extra special this week!

This Brown Friday deal isn’t your typical travesty. Today’s deal is actually kind of cool, it’s a Toshiba T1000 laptop. This baby is from the mid to late 80’s. How fast is this bad boy? 4.77Mhz with 512KB of RAM.

Someone with a serious collection might actually consider purchasing this. I’m not sure what vintage hardware goes for so the price could be out of line. If someone is better informed on value please sound off in the comments.

via: [Craigslist]

  • b0b

    Oh my! I had the 1200, the next model. It was a beautiful thing in its time.

  • Devon Schreiner

    I have absolutely no idea what something like that would go for but something that old, that’s a classic. I could definitely see someone paying that much for it.

  • Fredoak3

    I had one of these bad boys, sold it to a kid for $50 at a garage sale. He wasn’t going to take the power cord and I asked him “You sure you don’t want this?”…his response…”I don’t need that, this has a battery”…oh the IT challenged