Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Brown Friday Deals

Those deals that are just “too good to be true” which usually means someone is selling a piece of junk with a big bow on it. Look for Craigslist deals, ancient ads for obsolete and long-forgotten hardware, or crazy classifieds by ignorant sellers. We try to have a good one every Friday for our readers…ya know, so you can get it for the weekend… ;)

Brown Friday: Craigslist deal of the week! [craigslist gem]

Brown Friday Deal: Garbage Pail Acer Aspire $200 I really do not want to want to sell my laptop but I'm in desperate need of qick cash. I just rebooted it so there is nothing on it, no virsus but it will need an anti...

Whoa, He’s Got HD Internet And 200 RAM! [craigslist gem]

It's sad when people try to spin an item with made-up features.From an actual Craigslist post. I have a brand new Acer Aspire i bought this for $450 it has HD internet, Windows 7, 200 RAM it is a week old i bought it for...

Brown Friday: SNSV Laptop For Sale [pic]

SNSV does make decent hardware.via:

Brown Friday: Deal Of The Week [Flashback Edition]

Show of hands who had one of these? This is circa 1990's.via:

Brown Friday deal of the day: Rare, vintage Packard Bell

Other possible headlines for this post:"Not surprisingly, the price has been reduced" "What, so the monitor is $20, then?" "I'm not buying it if it doesn't come with Microsoft Bob." "Replace the CMOS battery, then we have a deal." 

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Really heavy monitor and Windows 98.via:

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Are you receiving your internet signals?via:

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Now with less LCDs!via:

Brown Friday: Deal of the week!

Here's a real gem of a tawer! I know I need a new tawer.via: