The Internet Argument Keyboard

I came across this at a local surplus store the other day. In retrospect, I wish I’d bought it.

-Hey, a big-ass caps-lock key AND a soft keyboard so you can really mash out some anonymous all-CAPS Internet hate.  YEAH!  To be honest, I think that huge “Caps-Lock” key houses the electronics…wait…there’s multiple enter keys, more shift keys than necessary.  BUY IT NOW.  – Rob


  • Adam Wade Ackerman

    can’t stop laughing

  • Naomi

    ROFL OMG I actually own one of these…
    The huge caps lock never worked on mine… I can’t say for sure (I’d have to dissect the keyboard to know) but I strongly suspect it’s not a real button.

  • Jeremy Tanner

    I have so many questions about this keyboard.  The most important one, though, is: Is there an actual key with the FailDesk phone logo on it?  Or is that an embellishment of the OP?

  • Comatoast

    I used to shower with this keyboard not quite dishwasher safe though. BIG CAPS LOCK IS A LIE!