Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Geeky Pics

Single shots of amazing and/or appalling IT-related stuff. This could be messy network closets, comics, signs, etc.

New Folder (3) [pic]

Guilty as charged

Hope They Have A Good Backup [pic]

Recipe for disaster and lots of tears.

IT And D&D Aren’t That Different [info]

Where do you fall on this chart?

Need A New Proc [pic]

Not good, not good at all. Don't let Hercules remove the heatsink next time.

Update Your Informations! [pic]

Someone has done logged into your account!

Literally The Worst Power Cables [pic]

These cables are what shipped with some new Samsung computer monitors. These are these are completely useless.

Don’t Damage Your Keyboard With Your Starfish Hands [pic]

This is what HP thinks hands look like?