You can teach the class…

Wanting to move ahead in the IT industry, I decided to go to university, but for that I needed to do an entry course at my local college. Being a web designer, programmer, and general computer nerd, I breezed through.

Half way through the 1 year entry course we started learning HTML and web design… low and behold, all in notepad! Now I’m by no means the best at web design, but I stay up to date and what I do know, I know well. We got to the second lesson, and I’ll remind you, the teachers are all professional IT consultants and the like, and this is in the university city of Oxford, UK…

The teacher started to show the class some “effects” that you could do, and started talking about <marquee> and using other deprecated HTML tags, let alone using stylesheets!

I guess even the professionals cant keep updated on every facet of IT. But my mistake in this whole problem? Actually trying to convince the teacher that what she is teaching is outdated and hasn’t been in use for a number of years. She ended up storming out, and in a not so elegant manner, told me to teach the class instead, and that’s what I did!


-Ha, awesome! – Rob

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  1. I got kicked out of one class for telling the teacher how she could streamline her programming code used for a final exam.. and made a study hall out of another for staying that was she was teaching was 10 years old..
    Yep, totally not alone.

  2. “If they were any good, they wouldn’t be teaching.” That’s what a coworker used to say to me about instructors in technology courses.

    • “If the student was clever enough, they wouldn’t need to be taught,
      they’d pick it up from reading the book/ google / wikipedia.”

      • “If the student didn’t need a pretty piece of paper just so HR would let him/her into a job interview, they wouldn’t need to be taught,
        they’d pick it up from reading the book/ google / wikipedia.”

  3. Thanks Guys, good to know Im not the only one out there! Hated that course so much, had a big fallout with the programming lecturer as well because he wanted to teach us Pascal :s

  4. TBH, I don’t see the problem in total newbies learning HTML through notepad. It looks miraculous (well, it did to me back in 2001) – a few lines of code in a totally basic program, and hey presto, a web page! If anything, it made more sense for me to learn like that and then approach Dreamweaver. I appreciate I might be behind the times now, but in 2003 it was still acceptable to use DW for university-level courses. I used it to put together the nice and shiny front-end of a CD-ROM. It was either that or MS Frontpage….You don’t need fancy HTML editors to learn the basics. You need patience and a grasp of what you’re coding.

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