Whoa, He’s Got HD Internet And 200 RAM! [craigslist gem]

It’s sad when people try to spin an item with made-up features.

From an actual Craigslist post.

I have a brand new Acer Aspire i bought this for $450 it has HD internet, Windows 7, 200 RAM it is a week old i bought it for me but i got a brand new mac book that i got for my birthday and i dont need the computer no more it comes with a top of the line case it is a case logic witch is $40 and then i have a CD bunner and a DVDbunner that comes with it you can watch movies on it and listen to music on it, then i have a top of the line mouse that comes with it to it has no buttons on it and it is controld by the touch of your fingers and that cost $50 dollars so thats what i have with it it will come in the box with all the manuals and the charger and everything so if interested call or text me at 000-000-0000 thanks and name is *****.

Click the image to read it for yourself!

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IT Achievements unlocked! [IT Fun!]

With extra special thanks to EvilRouters for permission to re-publish these.

If you’ve ever played any games via the Steam network, you know what these are.  As we go throughout the struggles of banal, the frustrating, the mind-numbing and inane every day…sometimes we feel like the only satisfaction we can get is the chance of going home at some point.

To help you, how about granting yourself some achievements as you work?

Some of these captions are a bit more NSFW than others – but since many of our users can’t read (made apparent by their diligent efforts in clicking ‘yes’ to install malware), you should be all good.

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You’re Trying To Do What? [story]

You just can’t make things like this up.

A user came by my desk yesterday and said she was having issues putting a file into a network drive. She tried to explain it but it just didn’t sound right so I walked over to her desk.

Turns out she was copying the text from a Word document and trying to paste that into a folder. I showed her how to use “Save As” and choose the correct destination.

How To Solve Printer Problems Quickly [story]

After working in IT for the last 15 years I’ve come to the realization that users WANT to fault the technology when they have an issue, specifically printers. When someone calls with a printer problem I have two automatic responses.

  1. Is there paper in it?
  2. Are there any lights on it, specifically the one next to the word “toner?”

This fixes almost all the “printer not working” calls and it makes people really angry. I’ve even gotten a “f**k you” and hung up on.

[Picture Source: ryaninc (CC)]