Stop Doing That [pic]

I can’t tell you how many times I receive “screenshots” like the following. I tell them how to use Gadwin PrintScreen (the app we use on all of our desktops here) to paste into an email – or heck, even alt+prtscr and paste, but noooo, I continue to get screenshots like the following – which, ironically does involve the use of PrintScreen…

So, they used PrintScreen, then printed, then scanned, then emailed this to the helpdesk.

Well, That’s A Dirty PC… [video]

…of course, everyone will invariably respond with “You haven’t seen anything yet,” or “What – you’ve never worked in a warehouse that makes x,” or “stop hacking into my webcam, you big creep!” – er, so I say unto you:  Videos or pics, please!

I gotta say though – nothing makes a computer look spiffier than a good air compressor.

via: [LiveLeak]