Guy builds video game in Excel. In other news, least efficient game designer in the world located.

BBC reports that an accountant (of course) named Cary Walkin developed a fantasy turn-based RPG in Excel(!) over the course of 4 months while he was studying for his MBA in Toronto.  “Sssssuuuuure he did” said his employer.

The game, called Arena.xlsm, is developed using nothing but macros (the things that you invariably use to delete all of your data in an important spreadsheet accidentally).

Unfortunately, Macs are not supported (WHO’S GOT THE BUSINESS COMPUTER NOW?!), and it works in Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download Arena.xlsm here from Cary’s website.  I’m guessing his next employer will probably hook Cary up with a copy of MS Works for his day-to-day duties…

via BBC News


From the Drawers of the Faildesk, March 21st Edition

There’s a reason they’re “High Visibility”

I was recently called to visit a woman who had complained her screen had gone bright yellow. On arrival i found the cause of the problem to be the reflection of her hi-vis jacket that she was wearing!

You see, the thing about electronics?  They will do what you tell them to do.

I have a helpdesk ticket that asks for a new phone. Her’s is broken. Everytime she talks on it the phone is on speaker.

I want to see what process she follows when she answers the phone. She is in another office (with a room full of people) and says: Go to my office and I’ll call you.

She calls, it rings, I pick it up.

She said “See? It’s on speaker.”

I said “No it’s not.”

She says “Its not?!?! What did you do?”

I said “I picked up the receiver”

She said: “Yeah? And?”

I said: ” And I said Hello.”

She asked what else I did, I said nothing. I asked if she was doing anything else.

She says yes, she picks up the receiver and then presses the little speaker button. When it turns green, people can talk.

It’s got you covered

While doing support, I remoted into a desktop where the user was insisting that their “WorldShip” (UPS) program had been deleted.

Upon viewing the remote window, I saw immediately that the WorldShip icon WAS there, plain as day in the upper left hand corner.

After I insisted that it WAS there, and told them where to look, there was a long pause, and then eventually–

“Oh, I’m sorry. I put a sticky note up on the corner of my monitor yesterday, and it was covering it up.”

via: [Spiceworks Community]