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A Printing Problem…


A fairly busy day and things ticking along as normal when I recieve a call regarding a printer that “isn’t working” and “unable to print”.

Being the person that it was that had raised the call, it was something I had to hurry down to.

I arrive at their office and take a look at their printer after they have told me the whole story again. Upon checking the cables, I discover that the USB cable for the printer has been lodged into the network port on the laptop.

I removed it and plugged it in correctly.

They felt slightly embarassed and let’s say I left the office trying my best not to laugh…

By: SteveUK


  1. It is a good thing they don’t put the tail pipes on your average vehicle next to the fuel cap. By that thinking, I expect the gasoline soaked muffler to flame up in 3… 2… 1…


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