Friday, July 12, 2024
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Christian Media Player

I worked at an online Christian bookstore that had some how-to videos for users.  One day a user called in furious that our videos would play in Windows Media Player.

The conversation went like this:

User:  “I want it to only play in a Christian media player!”

Me:  “There is no such thing as a Christian media player.  Windows Media Player is a neutral thing, there is no built in morality, it will just play the video you click on.”

User:  “Can I play porn on it?”

Me:  “….Technically, yes.  But you can play porn on your TV too, or you can watch the Price is Right, it’s a neutral thing”

User:  “I dont’ want to watch videos on anything I can watch porn on”

Me:  “Can you tell me what you saw on your computer to make you upset?  Perhaps I am not understanding what you mean.”

User:  “I found a button on Windows Media Player maked “Skins”  – and I don’t want to see any skins, I just want to watch the Christian videos!”