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Boot sector (sector 0) Inaccessible [story]

Boot sector (sector 0) Inaccessible [story]

This is an actual email I received from a user back in ’05. This email has been sitting on my hard drive just for this very day when I could unleash it upon my fellow sympathetic readers.

I left all typos, bad grammar and capitalization mistakes to allow you to peek into the enigma that is Ryan (name changed).


Hi Rob,

Ryan Werner, electrical administrator for (company) here. I wanted to make you aware that the IT technician here could possibly need some help ridding our network of hackers that I feel have penetrated our Firewall. I have suspected foul play for over a year now, and as of last week I had one hacker removed from our system late in the evening by their ISP. Please contact him to see if he needs any help ridding our system of these hacks / Trojans. Im attaching a copy of todays port scan by commview from Tamossoft. There are some very odd ports being used, and I suspect mine and several other machines here are broadcasting to these hacks.

Short story on what’s happened to me at my residence during a time in which I was vpn’ing into the our system.

During game play of tribes put out by Dynamix, who was bought by Sierra online, who was bought by Vivendi software.

This game coupled with the security flaws in active X has allowed the hacks to script in and format an NT partition on my computer, this makes the the boot sector (sector 0) inaccessible to the user and untouchable by fdisk.

The next step they take is to rewrite your Bios and then onto to rewriting firmware on cdroms, sound cards, video cards and routers.

Its taken me 3 years to figure this out, and as of last night the FBI coupled with Comcast Shut down 2 of the hacks. There are 4 more to go.

After these hacks get the nt partion in place the hdd can never again have a stock version of the operating system installed. These people are using proxy hops and are not going to make it easy for you to catch them.

Im concerned for all of our safety and privacy.

Please call me xxx-xxx-xxxx


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[Picture Source: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com (CC)]


  1. …speechless….was this someone at your company wanting you to help him on his home network or something?  How did you even respond?

    • Really nothing – there was no network intrusion at all.  This guy came out of the blue with this email.  Ryan was an electrical maintenance guy at one of our remote sites.  I explained to him that there was nothing to worry about, and eventually his manager talked to him and banned him from contacting IT after awhile.  Somewhere else I have a pic of a box containing a PC that had been “hacked” – – – I gotta find it.  The note on the outside was classic.  You can’t make stuff like this up! 

  2. Sounds like someone who knows just enough to make a fool of himself. On the other hand the idea is somewhat possible with the right control.

  3. Sounds like a former IT manager I had.  I asked him about his degree and he replied verbatim “I gots me a four year degree in computers”.  Loved to drop company names and brag on how he helped create second life and was screwed out of his millions.   Smh.   I will never understand preoples need to feel self-important like that.

  4. “Im concerned for all of our safety and privacy.”

    Really suprised it did’t read:  I’m concerned for the world’s safety since Skynet may form on my system at any time now.  Damn hacks.


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