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Service with a (professional) smile

Service with a (professional) smile

Many moons ago, when I was working for a Dial Up Networking ISP, I wound up taking a support call from a man who apparently had no teeth. It even said so right in the previous case notes that you had to listen carefully because he would mumble and was difficult to understand.

So I set out to help the gentleman with as much concentration as I could muster. The call went like this:

Me: Hello this is [me] how may I help you?

“Mumble-bumble Mumble-bumble Check.”

Me: Ok sir it sounds like you are having an issue with checks?

“No! Mumble-bumble Mumble-bumble Mumble-bumble check!”

Me: Sir,…are you trying to get into your banking web site?

“No! Mumble-bumbleMumble-bumbleMumble-bumbleMumble-bumble CHECK Mumble-bumbleMumble-bumbleMumble-bumble PASSWORD!”

Me: So you need your password for your bank, or check cashing?

“NO Mumble-bumbleMumble-bumbleMumble-bumbleMumble-bumbleCHECK PASSWORDCHECKPASSWORDPASSWORD CHECK!”

Me: Ok sir, you are sure you are not trying to get into your bank or something?


I placed the call on hold and turned to my supervisor and calmly asked, “Um…do we maintain ‘oralsex dot com’?” (we didn’t maintain or host any web sites, we were just a dial up ISP) She laughed and of course said “No.”

I got back on the phone and delivered the message that no, we did not maintain this site, and that he would have to contact the site administrator for the password.  As such, the contact information is typically somewhere on the web site.

Service with a smile.

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[Picture Source: Christian Johnstone (CC)]


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