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Where’s the ‘On’ switch?

My first day working at my new job, my boss didn’t have a desk for me yet. She took me into an office that was not in use, as the individual was gone for the holidays. A hurricane had gone through our city the weekend before, so all of the computers in the building had been unplugged and laid up in case of flooding.

When we went into the office, my boss pushed the power button on the desktop. Nothing happened. Minutes pass with her repeatedly pressing power and looking for signs of life in the computer. Finally she looks at the floor and sees the surge protector. She flips the switch and again tried the power button. Still nothing. After a few more minutes of consternation, she realizes the surge protector isn’t plugged in. She grabs the cord, finds the plug, and plugs it in… to the surge protector.I’m quietly standing behind my boss, trying not to laugh out loud when I see her do this. She then continues to try in vain to turn on the computer by pushing power and flipping the surge protector switch.

Finally, she follows the surge protector cord around to where it is plugged into itself, and says “That’s odd! Why would someone have plugged the surge protector into itself?”. She was completely serious- and genuinely baffled! I was dying trying to not laugh at her. Finally she got the computer started and I was able to get my work done.

By: Lindsay

[Picture Source: grggrssmr (CC)]

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