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Monitor != Computer

First and foremost I found this site and love it!  This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I landed my first IT job for a hospital in the metro St. Louis area. I was there about 2 years and while I was there I noticed both Doctors and Nurses seemed to have this better than you attitude and what’s said is the sometimes I would find I have more education than the nurse and better common sense then the doctors I worked with.

So I get a call from a charge nurse complaining “every time IT does ANYTHING to the systems we ALWAYS mess it up and now the Doctors terminal won’t turn on.”  I explained to her we didn’t do any patching or updates recently so it wasn’t a direct result of anything we did.

I asked for the asset tag. She gave me the tag. I was able to ping, then remote to the system and verify it was working. I ask her what’s wrong with the PC, and she says it won’t turn on. I explain to her I am on it, and she tells me I am lying and demands I come to her location which is 2 miles away in the other hospital. I ask her to verify the monitor is turned on and she replies something to the effect do you think I am that stupid. I just shut my mouth, and jumped in my Mustang GT and drove over.

So I am heading up and thinking what else could it be if I am able to RDP, she said “the monitor is working, what else could it be…”

I arrive to see a gathering of nurses and the doctor.  As I approach them I get the comments about how I am here to fix my mistake.  I hear the charge nurse say under her breathe, “idoit IT people” and something else negative about the team I worked with.  As I approach the computer I see the lights blinking on the computer and I also notice the monitor is turned OFF!  TURNED OFF!  I turn to the doctor and the charge nurse… and made sure EVERYONE heard me… “The monitor is turned off… Next time check that…”

Needless to say the charge nurse pulls aside and tells me I should have made it look like something more and not embarrass the doctor like that and she was going to report me to HR.

Well all is fair in love and war, and understanding all floor terminals are for hospital access and this wonderful thing called Websense I checked into her online history and found a LOT of Facebook browsing which is a NO NO on company time!

Needless to say when I was called into HR and asked to not embarrass the doctors I turned in my own report and needless to say:

IT guy 1 and charge nurse 0

[Picture Source: youngthousands (CC)]