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An even better use for server racks

About 10 years ago, I was managing an office of stockbrokers and IT sent me a B-mail (remember Vines?) that I was going to get a package from UPS. Ok, no big deal. They ended up delivering a really large server rack with glass and keys and all the stuff my non-technical mind would think a server cabinet would have. Two days later, we got another rack. The next week, we got a really huge HP Kayak server. It’s a pc on steroids and doesn’t need a rack, much less two racks.

So, IT decided that I was going to be a “test office” for our new server since I called them the least amount of times with stupid questions, really, that was their logic. Who is going to install the server? Yup, me, the guy with the BS management degree. I asked what the cabinets were for and they said that policy was that all servers needed cabinets even if the server wouldn’t fit. So I put it on a desk and proceeded to follow the directions they b-mailed me. It was ugly. Really ugly. But it worked.

I asked about the massive glass server cabinets taking up space and now blocking our fire exit. Long story short they said get rid of them, a short visit to Craigslist later our office had one of the most amazing birthday party/coffee/booze after work budgets ever.

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