Friday, July 12, 2024
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Buck: passed.

Years ago, I deployed to Kuwait with a rather large unit. While there, I was given the additional duty of IMO, or Information Management Officer, in my section. It was kind of a neat job, we would try to solve IT problems at the ‘local’ level rather than elevate it to the actual IT department. The good thing is that end users weren’t even allowed to even go to or call IT unless they came to us first. If it was a real IT issue WE would write the ticket and then they were allowed to go/call. It helped keep a lot of garbage off of IT’s plate.

Fast forward one year and we are training our replacements and getting ready to go home. One of the civilian contractors that worked in our department managed to mess himself up pretty good. He was an alright guy I guess, but he was pretty annoying to have in the office.

He had been using his computer without a problems for a couple months by this point but he managed to delete his inbox from Outlook. Not the contents thereof, but the inbox folder from the sidebar tree. In the attempt to ‘recover’ it he also managed to delete the deleted folder from the tree too. He called me over as I was passing through the office two to three days before we left to ask for help.

I ‘regretfully’ informed him that since I was leaving, I no longer had access to the system and he needed to talk to the new IMO.

Sorry new IMO, but I wasn’t in the mood for that…

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