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Experience wins out again. Easily.

One of our services is to provide data and voice cabling.

A recent client asked us to quote on a job to replace 6 old cat 5 data runs with new cat 6 runs and new patches, panels etc. We were awarded the job and we sent the client all the info to schedule and prepare the offices that were in need of replacement.

We do not move furniture so we informed the IT manager for the company that they needed to get the furniture moved in those areas that blocked access to the jacks if they want to run to the same locations.

The following dialogue is almost exact:

ITM: So in order to run the new cable to the existing locations we have to move the furniture out of the way?

Me: Correct. We need enough room for a technician to access and change the jack that is there and may need to put up a ladder to access the ceiling tiles in those locations. A minimum of 6′ of space would be ideal.

ITM: Ok. How long do you think it will take at each location?

Me: Roughly 30 minutes as we need to drop the new wire into location and terminate it. Baring any surprises or construction issues of course.

ITM: Makes sense. (long pause) We’ll see you next week then.

Me: Thanks.

We arrive the next week to run the cables and as expected the furniture has been moved…and the pc’s have had long 15′ ethernet cables attached drapping between furniture and the wall. We explain to the ITM that the furniture move is perfect and we will begin.

I walk up to the jack and unplug the ethernet cable at which point the ITM hollars “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”

Me: we are beginning work (a little startled)

ITM: You mean the users can’t work while you are changing the cabling!?

My tech turned and walked away from behind the ITM to suppress his choking laughter and pointed to her MCSA certificate mounted neatly on the wall near the door.

[Picture Source: hslphotosync (CC)]