Friday, June 21, 2024
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Programs are only as smart as their users…mostly

A while back my company switched to a new backup program which was much more succesful at it’s job than the old one. It works great and honestly other than it being a bit slow at times, it is perfect. Most users do not have complaints which is good. We do have the occasional user who thinks it is working completely wrong, even though the issue is 99% PEBKAC.

But this one instance takes the cake. I had reimaged a users laptop about 2 weeks ago. After I was done I showed him twice how to restore from the backup software. Then one day I receive this ticket.

Please see the error below. I get this error any folders I try to restore. Fortunately, I had My Documents backed up on my own. I need my Favorites and Contacts restored


There are two images attached, one of the error and one of the backup program itself.

Here is the error:

The second image he sent was a screenshot where he was clicking on restore files:

I guess maybe the problem is that checkboxes don’t magically check themselves. When I spoke to the user and told him what needed to be done, again, he said “Oh, I have to specify what to restore?”

The only thing I can say to express how I feel is FACEPALM.