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There’s no shortage of facepalms in IT

This one is from my co-worker who used to work in the movie industry:

Big movie exec gets new PDA. Next day, IT gets the livid call, “My PDA is broke!” Upon examination, the PDA’s battery is ran down. When the exec is asked to charge the PDA at night, the response is: “Tom Cruise does not have to charge his PDA! You get me a PDA that doesn’t have to be recharged or you’re fired!”

Solution: IT bought two PDA’s and had the exec’s assistant charge one and switch them out every day to give the illusion of a “Tom Cruise Magic PDA”


The worst user to support is a teacher. I’ve supported college professors with PHD’s and kindergarten teachers too. They are all simply the most ignorant people I’ve ever interacted with.

Problem: “This file will not open. Fix it.” After a long, long conversation, I find that the user is not double-clicking on the file – only single-clicking it. I explain that a double-click will open the file, while a single-click will not. I even took the mouse and demonstrated this very complicated concept of double-clicking.

The response after the demo: “When will this be fixed?”

via: [Spiceworks Community]