Friday, July 12, 2024
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Monday morning 8:30am.

Tech: “Support, can I help you?”

User: “My remote connection isn’t working.”

Tech: “What are you using to remote?”

User: “Logmein.

Went through the usual login name/password verification. Tried it locally on our tech system and target pc is not answering logmein request; computer is showing ‘offline’ in Logmein console.

After 15 minutes of discussion about how the user is moving offices we determined that the pc in question is still on and is still at the old office. The user was going to backup and shutdown the pc remotely so the local movers could disconnect and take it away. Suddenly user went quiet for a moment then asked:

User: “Could this have to do with us cancelling our internet service on Friday at the old office?”

Tech: “Derpy derp derp….”