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8.5″ x Knife

8.5″ x Knife

I am a student working for the IT department of the college I attend. My main job is dealing with dorm students (fixing their internet problems in the dorms i.e. plugging the ethernet cord in the correct jack) but I also deal with the faculty and staff on campus.

There is one women on the campus that I am usually sent down to deal with and it normally ends with me helping her transfer photos of her dogs/vacation onto an external drive. One day I get a call saying that her printer has a paper jam and she would like someone to come take a look at it. I sigh deeply and take a walk down there. I see that her printer is in fact jammed so I take off the back cover of the printer and pull out the sheet. I try to print but the printer seemed to still be jammed. I reset the printer to see if the printer if the error light on the printer would go away but it still said it had a jam.

At this point I am scratching my head…still do not see a paper stuck in the printer. I look closely at the rollers in the printer and I saw some long white object, which doesn’t seem to belong there. I pulled out a pen I had and popped this white thing out…..it was a plastic knife.

Stupidly I asked her,(while she was eating lunch) “Did you try and use a knife to get the paper out??” She replied “I don’t think so”. I thought to myself how don’t you know…but then it dawned on me. The knife was behind the paper that I pulled out, meaning the knife got fed through the printer with the paper. She must have left the knife on top of the papers for the paper feed. I quickly ran out and told her staff assistant and we laughed our asses off.

It’s a computer not a lunch box. -Scott



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