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Do You Have Any Mouse Balls? [story]

I’m a secretary who does a lot of IT work for the old folks in the church I work for. This is mostly just basic questions from the occasional person, like how to create labels or change something in a document, but I have two people who are constantly asking for help. One is a fellow secretary who works for a different church, whom I get calls from almost daily. She’s in her 60’s and how she manages to log in to the computer is beyond me. My favorite call from her went like this:

Her: “Do you have any extra mouse balls?”

Me: (After spitting my coffee at the screen) “What?!”

Her: “Mouse balls! My mouse needs new balls!”

Me: “Your computer mouse?”

Her: “Yes. I though maybe you would have some extra balls sitting around.”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Her: “The ball won’t move.”

Me: “Pop the cover off the bottom, remove the ball and spray it out with canned air.”

Her: “So I don’t need to go buy new balls?”

Me: “No. They don’t sell them. Look into a laser mouse. They don’t have balls.”

I giggled all day after that one.


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