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Not so smart?

Not so smart?

At a small IT firm in Sydney, Australia, there is one guy who likes to think he is the smartest in the room. So smart that everyone else is an incompetent idiot who almost needs permissions to even speak to him. As a result of this, every so often I prank him to give him the shi…err, bring him back down to earth.

There have been two highlights so far, the first was the “how to troll someones computer” found on geeksaresexy.net. This little prank is very easy to reverse at least for a smart guy like him right? However it confused him so much that he thought it was a virus/malware/trojan. When he went out of the office over an hour and  his computer magically fixed itself and by that I mean I was asked to undo the prank by others in the office who had enough of the complaining.

The second prank was a simple and classic prank, the old ‘pop and move some keys around on the keyboard which I did before leaving last night, specifically swap M and N around, G and H, and U and I. Today he arrived at work right on time whereas I was late (by design), first he thought something was done to his PC, then he thought his password has been changed, and try as he did, he couldn’t work it out and immediately jumped down my throat when I walked in 25 minutes later. The boss walked over to his desk at this point and with 20 seconds pointed out the keys were wrong on his keyboard. I got yelled at some more by the prankee and then because I’m assuming it was too hard for Mr Precious I had to undo my prank popping 6 keys off the keyboard and putting them back correctly. Still laughing.

Ah, it feels good to put people in their place from time to time. -Scott


  1. You mean he actually has to look at the keys to type in his password? I would probably have not noticed for awhile, because I cannot remember the last time I had to look at my keyboard to type my password.

    • i thought the exact same thing when i did the prank. either he would notice pretty damn quickly, take it in stride and laugh it off or he wouldn’t notice and touch type the password. either way, it provided some laughs for a day. unfortunately i’ve been told i can do no more pranks against him. 🙁


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