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Screensaver? Never heard of it.

Screensaver? Never heard of it.

On Wednesday we sent out a new Win7 image to the last of our computers we are moving from XP. This new image has been customized with a background of our building as the login screen and has a default screensaver with our name just wobbling across the screen. On Friday I had a guy come into the office and said that the computer was not working. The login box was no longer there. Since it was very slow and it was just a few feet from the office door, I went to take a look, expecting to see that he was confused about the new log-on screen of Win7. Imagine my surpise when I got to the computer and realized that what he was talking about was the screensaver. The machine was logged on already but the screensaver had kicked in. I guess that the name of the company wobbling back in forth in silver on a black background must have confused him into thinking that the machine was turned off.

image via: [qf8]


  1. Wow, genius material there.  It’s hard to believe that even the older generations wouldn’t understand a screensaver since they’ve been around for close to 2 decades!


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