Home Uncategorized Thanks to you, Faildesk readers.

Thanks to you, Faildesk readers.

Thanks to you, Faildesk readers.

We realize that you came here today looking for some computer-related humor – however, Scott and I felt that we must give our colleague something to remember us by (or rather, something for you to remember him by).  So, with that said, we apologize for throwing these Kevin-related posts your way today.

Scott and I hope you take all these pics and posts in stride – we love to have fun at our own (and others) expense, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t care.  No offense is intended to you, Stephen Hawking, Jesus or that guy’s mom in that crazy sweater picture.  These were photos and emails that we sent back and forth to cheer each other up on tough days.

Just like all other humor, this stuff is subjective.  As such, some of you may find this stuff funny, others…not so much.

So with that, we thank you for your patience and understanding while Scott and I cope with the loss of an excellent co-worker who could never be replaced.  Normal posts will resume Monday.


  1. =*(  

    I’m going to miss you guys, but I WILL be submitting more fail experiences from a brand new IT perspective! We will also be having some after-hours play dates for the chitlens!


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