Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Users: Always doing stuff you don’t tell them to.

A short laugh on a Friday Thursday.  So I’m the new guy in our department, and I get sent to the front desk to set up a switch.  I hook up all the cat 5 and politely ask to crawl under the desk and plug it in.  I quickly plug in the switch and head back to the safety of my desk.  I get a call 20 minutes later from the front desk.

“Can I turn my computer back on?”  I was confused for a moment until realizing she had shut down as she got out of my way.  I told her “yes.”  ::facepalm::

Why is it they always do things you don’t tell them to – and DON’T do things you DO tell them to? – Rob

[Picture Source: steverenouk (CC)]