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You’re a dip sh*t


I was on Support Chat tonight with HP to get a replacement AC Adapter and at the end of the chat I noticed the Tech I got was named “Dip S.”. REALLY?! That’s way too easy!

I took a screenshot but then I realized people would think I just photoshopped it. So here is a horrible picture from my cell.

I think HP is messing with you.  -Scott


    •  Yes, I can confirm this, though it is often spelled as “Deep”, but oh well, I guess you guys will have a problem with “Deep S” as well, and for the same reason.

  1. How is taking a photo with your phone supposed to prove it’s not photoshopped? You could have displayed the photoshopped photo on your screen and taken a picture of that with your phone.

    • Yep totally not. Don’t know how you want me to prove it but it’s not. I have the chat email, that picture and a screenshot. STFU.


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