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The Boss’s iPad

The Boss’s iPad

My boss got himself an iPad and asked me to set it up. Of course, me being a great employee I do it. A few days later he comes to say that he can’t open some files and I should fix it. I check those files (xls/xlsx) via e-mail client and they work just fine. So I ask him to show me how did he try to open those files.

  • open safari
  • visit google.com
  • search for yahoo
  • at yahoo.com select mail
  • input username and password
  • open the e-mail in question
  • attempt to open the files in question
  • que him being smug as fuck “I told you they don’t work and you didn’t fix anything”

Then I just opened the mail client (which I told him to use) and open those files without any problems.

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

[Picture Source: Sean MacEntee (CC)]


  1. I helped out someone the other day who believed that to get to any website, you had to do it from Google. She was upset that I went directly to a site without going to Google first and searching for it. Supposedly someone had told her that it would “break the Internet” if she went to a site directly.


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