Friday, July 12, 2024
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If I’m doing it wrong, then I don’t want to be “right.”

A couple years ago in Intermediate (Middle School) in NZ, I had started my new technology class which was “food technology” within my class. By the way, I was also the go-to “IT guy” to fix and manage the computers. The class started by the teacher going to show us a clip about hygiene in the classroom.

She told me to get her computer in her office, I grab it place it around where the projector cords were and then turned it on。

It turned on but the resolution was 640×480, so I proceeded to go into system preferences (it was a mac) to change the size of it. She yells and says “NO NO NO that’s not how you do it” –  then she closes it, picks it up and shakes it for a full 30 seconds, then places it down.  Amazingly, the resolution fits to its original screen size. I gave her a straight look like “Are you retarded” then sat down feeling weirdly sad for the computer.

via: [Reddit/TalesFromTechSupport] (edited – Rob)