Monday, December 4, 2023
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While in Afghanistan, I was working on the helpdesk and had this irate user come in with his laptop and says his “power cord no longer worked” and demanded that we re-image his computer.

Well, after attempting multiple times to tell him we didn’t need to re-image the computer to fix this problem he still demanded that we do it anyway.  I gave in and did what he asked.  Well, needless to say, about 10 minutes after picking up the computer, he was back in the office saying his power cable still didn’t work.

I told him to meet me in his office in 5 minutes; I would be up there to help set up the computer.  I picked up a new power cable and went to his office.  When I started to plug in the new power adapter, I looked at the existing cable; it had come unplugged from the AC Adapter – so, I plugged it back in.

I tell him to power up the laptop, and what do you know – it worked again.  He then asked me to wait while he logged in to make sure it continued to work.

After he logs in he proceeds to get mad because all the files on his desktop are gone.

So I said “Sir it’s your fault – I told you we did not have to re-image the computer to fix the issue.  You did not back up your files from your drive.  There is nothing I can do for you”  and I walked out.