Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Well, that was clear.

Back in the late 90’s, I worked in a large corporate office where we had a well staffed computer-build/deployment department.  We would constantly be testing new models of computers as they were released by our PC vendor.

As such, we were always trying to release the latest and greatest units and OS’s to take advantage of the new features, etc. nearly as soon as said technology was released.

My team leader had been emailing back and forth with his boss, asking what the plan was with regards to the newest line of HP e-PC’s.  Due to some odd issues with driver compatibilities and Windows 98 (these models were really “ready for Windows 95” – yeah)…we weren’t sure if they were ready for prime time.  Because of this, the model had been in testing for quite awhile.

My team lead’s email:


What are your thoughts on the core loads we are using with the new HP e-PCs?  Should we delay or deploy them?



The response: