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All PCs are the same, right?


NOTE: This is a co-worker’s call.  Much of it is paraphrased, as the conversation is re-constructed.

Caller: “I cannot log into Windows!  I know I’m typing in the correct username and password!  It keeps saying ‘The information you provided does not match an existing account. The domain may be unavailable, try again in a few minutes’, and I’ve been trying to get in all morning!  I even tried on two different computers!”

Co-Worker (noticing that the user is not locked out): “That’s odd.  You’re not locking out, which you should do eventually, regardless of which PC you’re on.  What does the ‘Log on to…’ box say on the login screen?”

Caller: “There is no ‘Log On To’ box….”

Co-Worker: “There should be…”

Caller: “There is no such box…on this computer OR my sister’s computer”

Co-Worker: “Wait…what?  Your sister’s computer?”

Caller: “Yeah.  I’m at home, trying to use my computer and my sister’s computer, and neither will let me log on”.

Co-Worker: “So these aren’t our company’s computers?”

Caller: “No”

Co-Worker: “Yeah…..that’s not gonna work.  Those aren’t ours, so we don’t control the accounts for those.  You need to use your sister’s password if you’re getting on her PC”.

Wow.  Just Wow.

Never underestimate the unintelligent or the uninformed. I’m usually both. -Scott


  1. When I worked for an ISP I had this lady call in because she wanted her windows password reset. After explaining it to her she hung up and call back in wanting some to reset her windows password. She did this 3 times


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