Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Because It’s A Numbers Game

I’m guiding a user through registering her profile on a password system, so she can reset her own password in the future without calling the helpdesk.  The first thing to fill out is a 4-digit PIN.

 Caller: “So, what goes in here?”

Me: “You need to enter a four-digit PIN, which is how we’ll verify your identity in the future”

Caller: “Oh, okay.  So does it need upper and lower case letters?”

Me: “No, it’s not your password.  It’s a PIN: Personal Identification NUMBER”

Caller: “So, what do I need to put in there?”

Me: “A four-digit number.  It can’t be the same number in a row, like 4-4-4-4-, or it can’t be four ascending or descending numbers, like 1-2-3-4 or 9-8-7-6”.

Caller: “Ohhhhhhhh!  So it can be any number, as long as it’s a numeral”

Me: *speechless*

As long at it’s a numeral, yes. -Scott