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This Kind Of Thing Happens To Me ALL The Time [story]

I worked at Best Buy back in 2001 and my third day on the floor a lady calls asking how much our modems were. I took a quick walk to the aisle and saw we had them for like $70+ depending on external/internal, brand, etc.

I told her this on the phone and she was ecstatic and said she’ll be right over. This surprised me because even in 2001 these weren’t great prices.

Well about 15 minutes later I’m being paged to the front to meet a very angry lady. She accused me of lying about the prices of modems and how I wasted her time, her gas, blah blah. Turns out she thought the computer was the modem and I stupidly thought a modem was a modem.

Perhaps this person needs to read our PSA.

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

Picture Source: [Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious (CC)]