Friday, July 12, 2024
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Military Intelligence (you know what they say!)

I work as a network technician for the US Army. Sometimes, we have some interesting conversations with users when they want to argue with us about troubleshooting. This was a conversation between one of my co-workers and one of our more… Special users….

LT- “Chief, there’s a BIG system issue that won’t allow people to login to the ****NET and after three tries they are locked out.  Can you fix this?”

Chief- “Does the error say wrong username and password?”

Lt- “Yes.”

Chief- “The issue is the users are typing their passwords incorrectly, it’s not a system issue.  Once they do it wrong three times, they are locked out.”

Lt- “But it’s happened to several people, it’s a ****NET issue.”

Chief- “No, it’s a USER issue.  We might need to make the default password easier for some of the ‘special’ users.”

LT- “But it happened to me, too.”

Chief- “… your new password is Password123.  Try now.”