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Military Intelligence (you know what they say!)


I work as a network technician for the US Army. Sometimes, we have some interesting conversations with users when they want to argue with us about troubleshooting. This was a conversation between one of my co-workers and one of our more… Special users….

LT- “Chief, there’s a BIG system issue that won’t allow people to login to the ****NET and after three tries they are locked out.  Can you fix this?”

Chief- “Does the error say wrong username and password?”

Lt- “Yes.”

Chief- “The issue is the users are typing their passwords incorrectly, it’s not a system issue.  Once they do it wrong three times, they are locked out.”

Lt- “But it’s happened to several people, it’s a ****NET issue.”

Chief- “No, it’s a USER issue.  We might need to make the default password easier for some of the ‘special’ users.”

LT- “But it happened to me, too.”

Chief- “… your new password is Password123.  Try now.”


  1. Not sure why the writer felt it necessary to censor “SIPRNet”, its existence is not classified.

    Anyway, I’ve also had this happen during my time as a Tactical Systems Engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps. People really are this dumb, and they are allowed to use our classified internet. Terrifying.

    • Actually, the network being sensored isnt SIPRnet. When i wrote it out, I had already sensored the network being used, by calling it BLUEnet. Whomever actually approved it changed it to ****. I do like the title that was chosen however.

    • Actually, the network being censored is not SIPR. When I wrote this submission out, I was censoring a completely different network. However, I do like the title chosen by the person who accepted the submission. I had originally chosen “Special Users”

      • Thanks for the clarification. I’ve read some SIPRNet stories before where the writer did this so I made an assumption. Apologies, and thanks for the funny story. Our users can invoke facepalms not matter WHAT network they use, it seems.

  2. OMG I am not looking forward to supporting ****net at least some are going to token login, I work service desk for the Air Force. All I can think is your password is 1 2 3 4 5. That is what some idiot with have on their luggage.


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