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Thank you for calling the Elders of the Internet

Republished with permission from Clients From Hell

My client called me after the launch of his new website

Client: Where’s my website? I can’t get it to come up.

Me: I can pull it up just fine. Tell me what you see when you try.

Client: Nothing! This is horrible, I thought you said the site would be up and running. What’s going on?!

Me: Well, like I said I can see the site just fine. You said that nothing comes up? At all?

Client: Just this error message that says something like “Your computer isn’t connected to the internet”

Me: Who provides you with internet access?

Client: You do, what kind of question is that? I used to get the internet from Shaw, now I get it from you.

Me: I’m not an ISP. I just built your website and host it.

Client: Don’t give me your excuses, I won’t pay the bill until you get this fixed!

via: [Clients From Hell]