Friday, June 21, 2024
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A kinda psychic printer

One day, I get a call to fix a printer issue.

 “The printer keeps printing weird stuff!” I’m told.   As I approach the network printer the teacher pulls off several print jobs of strange number/letter codes in very large fonts.   As they throw them into the trash can with the others print jobs….I take a look at what they’re trying to print, and document the teacher is trying to print looks like a basic document, in a normal font.

Then the teacher proceeds to tell me every time they go to hit the Print button, another job starts printing.

“So you haven’t actually clicked Print?” I ask. “No it just starts printing before I do.”

“Umm, I think you’re…” – but before I can finish, another teacher walks around the corner and is appalled that all their print jobs have been thrown into the trash.

Picture Source: [Brett Jordan (CC)]